Total Recall


Choreographed and performed by William Collins (UK/NL) and Anat Eisenberg (ISR/DE). This commission by ITS Festival Amsterdam has been developed to look at how issues within different networks effect the process of artist authorship. This project brings together 2 artists (as authors) who commission 3 performance makers from different networks to share their contemporary interests in making as starting points for the duo to author a new work. Total Recall made with the support of PACT Zollverein, SNDO and the ITs Festival Amsterdam.

Photography – Nellie de Boer

Total Recall looks at quotation and authorship via network and discourse. Collins and Eisenberg commissioned 3 performance makers to work with them as performers in their work. These 3 (or more) duets are the starting points for the discussions of the issues inherent in the concept.

The intervening choreographers are; Frederic Gies (FR/DE) , Alessandro Sciarroni (IT) and Jeanine Durning (USA). They each have radically differing interests and goals as far as performance is concerned. The discussions that came up about the confrontation between the propositions, us and our work and the work itself quickly became the axis of the work.

The project became the first that looked at how the agency of the performer/maker can influence how and what the performance communicates with an audience. This process led us into a performativity of drawing. We, as makers ‘performing’ the work, were confronted with what it is to reproduce vs to create. We opted for creation and so every night, and in every rehearsal, we drew the performance for the first time. And now the performance also looks at memory

[Authorship Drawing Memory Network]