Exclamations (DGA)


Exclamations is a rework of An Exclamation of Surprise or Incredulity commissioned by Dansgroep Amsterdam  and will be presented next at the Nederlandse Dansdagen in Maastricht in October 2012.

As a rework, this project deals with the issues of a ‘rework’ while also attempting the rework itself. The original performance dealt with a content of despair as perceived through popular cultural references such as Disney, Pasolini, Francis Bacon, Hemmingway, Oprah etc. The performance was itself an exploration of the epic and visceral within performance, (inter-)dependency, the agency of the performer and contemporariness of the moment of performance.

photography by Leo van Velzen.

The rework focused on the role that the performer’s agency can take. This in addition to an inquiry into how the here-and-nowness of   performing can inform and effect upon the performance itself, bringing the authorship of the performer and audience to the fore.

It was difficult to engage with the urgency that drove the original choreography. Rather than force it, Exclamations became an aptly-timed synopsis of the period of my practice that was focusing on appropriation, epic and visceral through bringing elements of the  projects surrounding An Exclamtion that dealt with those issues.

The result is a jarring mix of high-speed moment-to-moment decision making (informed by the pace of surfing the web) through recollections and appropriations of popular culture. It retains the original’s bold statements and viscerality while mixing in a new-found subtlety of communication and on-stage awareness.

Performed by Sasha Samion, Natasha Rodina, Jozefien Debaillie, Ellen Houck, Davide Cocchiara, Kiyan Khoshoie + Danilo Tesi

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