Current Research: The Choreographic Writing Project


This project began in Essen at PACT Zollverein with my colleague Anat Eisenberg. That initial research became Total Recall.

I’m still dogged by some of the questions that arose from that period of work. This project is phase 2.
The project will continue in Spring 2014 with a larger team including a writer and a painter working towards a new creation in Autumn 2014.

The Choreographic Writing Project: Sharing #1

This is a link to an initial sharing of movement research undertaken over the summer (2013).
I am interested in agency. Having researched the agency of the performer for some years, I have begun to look at the agency of the spectator. With this movement research, I wanted to create a movement practice that engaged with spectatorial agency from the onset of the creative practice; to observe how this focus effects our choice-making within and the content of the movement we are making.

This video is a 10 minute exposure of some of the ideas we have been developing within this project over the summer.

Venue: Choreodrome @ The Place, UK
Performed by Airen Koopmans, Ellie Sikorski, William Collins
Contributers to rehearsal: Anne Breure and Darrell Aldridge
Duration 10 minutes


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