Collaborative project by Carlos Maria (CO) and William Collins (NL/UK)
Crossover; premiered March 30th 2012, Turner Contemporary Gallery (Margate)

…a performance that happens at any moment during daily events and in any public space, a ‘walking performance’ that can be experienced by chance by any of the visitors alone or in a group, that can appear and disappear, pause, stand by, freeze, accelerate, slow down, relate or not to the people close to it. As a manner or an intimate path that cannot be completely followed either by the performer, the spectator or the passer-by, this walking will be a free action that won’t tell a story, represent anything, will not be attached to transporting a body, but will render a repetitive movement that shapes, misshapes or reshapes the body and its perception.

Performed by Carlos Maria + William Collins
Looking at scale and perspective, futurist movement, landscape, Situationism, queer body politics and the universal body this intervention through walking will be created and performed in public spaces and highlights the need for a contemporary social discourse of  ‘queer’ identity within increasingly conservative socio-political conditions.