The first official investigation into appropriation, Anrufung Des Großen Bären took opera and 1950’s Italian cinema as its starting point. The work took the independence of the performer and the assumption of spectator/spectacle as discussion points. The materials, public, stage and performers are treated as objects within the mechanism of the theatrical event in which a dark-Ionescian environment emerges.

Photography – Nellie de Boer
Performed by Marta Ziolek, Inga Maren Runarsdottir, Cincia Tartamella + Agata Siniarska

“I sought your eye when you looked out and no one saw you”
Those silver birds could be you and I
just sitting together
I remember feeling it as a child
under the sheets I sang for you
I want to be a star
And the memory of the light
when we were together
The swirling forever lost
I feel like there’s nothing
more. We two lying there under her control.
I can’t see ahead.
Marilyn nearly left last time to be alone
to forget Berlin I sit alone and wish
I could disappear.

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! I Love You! The opening declaration from the performers in Anrufung is repeated silently and on an epic scale. The declarations reverberate in the space as the performers continually enter and exit the space in a curving cascade of disbelief. They create a Lynchian atmosphere that is dense, austere and dark. The women move back and forth on individual rhythms creating intriguing spatial constellations that reveal the dynamics of their relationships. Each of the four performers invites the audience to observe the idiosyncrasies in their gestures within the unified expressive structure of Anrufung.