dDr – the Dutch dance review

The dDr is an online project I have been developing since January 2011. It was initiated to look at issues of network and feedback. The project’s aims are to support the continued development of the dance and performance fields nationwide. The dDr was first conceived as a project built to reflect upon the dance and performance fields in the Netherlands. The issues that this project deals with go farther afield and so the dDr has a secondary phase dGBr.

The project deals with identical issues across national borders. It does not aim to give answers or propose co-defied questioning. It does operate on a system of commissioned writing and reflection with both artists and public. A central element to the project’s motivation that the communication of dance and performance work be at the centre of attention, with both public and artist informing and bringing forth the dialogue.

The commissioned writing takes the forms of interview, review, critique and feedback. Interviews will be available as audio and/or video file. The site has a library of theoretical texts available to download as pdf or read online. The site’s content will be member initiated, with the possibility for members to propose commissioned papers and topics to be covered.

The project aims to make each of our roles in the development of dance and performance within our own networks transparent and conscious.