William Collins (UK) works internationally as an award-winning choreographer,  advisor, lecturer and performer. He has shown work in 20+ countries and numerous festivals world-wide. William is interested in the contemporaneity of performance, in how dance as a movement practice and as an art form continually develops in dialogue with real life. His work is influenced by artists such as Deborah Hay, Jeanine Durning and Katarina Bakatsaki.

Current Work

William is currently looking at the Metamodernist condition with a specific focus on agency. Having previously researched the Agency of the Performer (2007-10), William is now in a researching the role of the spectator. Questioning the limitations the agency of the spectator and how it may be possible to open up how we can activate ourselves while engaging with contemporary work. This proposal is informed in the way movements and organisations such as Occupy, Wiki, Anonymous, the Arab Spring and the London and Sao Paolo Riots have created vessels for people to utilise their political agency to action socio-political change from a grassroots level.

In addition to this, William also confronts his practice with discourses on the economy of production (particularly in relation to art production and the value of durational work), queer politics, locality and the development of internet culture.


William has won several prizes for his choreographic and dance-for-camera work and has performed internationally for artists including Deborah Hay, Benoit Lachambre and AnnLiv Young.